Presenting Guidelines for NZEB and Retro-fitting

On Tuesday, April 30, The project team hosted an Energy Retrofit Workshop titled “PRESENTING GUIDELINES FOR NZEB AND RETROFITTING”

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The workshop received support from the Vice-Chancellor of the UWI through the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Ambassador Dr Richard Bernal, Prof Michael Taylor the Dean of the Faculty of Science & Technology, The UWI, Mona through Dr. Masao Ashtine, Mr Vincent Sweeny the Director of UNEP Jamaica.

The Keynote Address was brought by the Honorable Desmond McKenzie Cd, MP, the Minister of Local Government and Community Development.

The participants were engaged through eight presentations:

1. The NHT Head Offices Energy Audit – Mr. Christopher Shaw APEC Consultants Ltd – 1 – The NHT Head Offices Energy Audit – Mr. Christopher Shaw APEC Consultants Ltd

2. The National Housing Trust’s Approach to Retrofitting – Mr. Donald Moore, National Housing Trust

2 – The NHT’s Approach to Retrofitting Presentation – April 2019 – Donald Moore

3. Energy Efficiency Testing at the Bureau of Standards – Mrs. Kathleen Gregory Jackson, Engineering Division, Bureau of Standards Jamaica

3 – Energy Efficiency Testing at the BSJ – Kathleen Gregory Jackson

4. Building Policy – Prof. Anthony Clayton, Institute for Sustainable Development, The University of the West Indies

4 – Guidelines for nZEB and Retrofitting – Anthony Clayton

5. Building Resilience in Renewable Energy Systems – Dr. Ruth Potopsingh, University Of Technology, Jamaica

5 – Building Resilience in Renewable Energy Systems – Ruth Potopsingh

6. Legislative Strategies to Obtain Widespread Energy Efficient buildings in Jamaica – Mr. Roosevelt DaCosta, Hi-Tech Consulting Services

6 – Ledgislative Strategies to Obtain Widespread EEBs – Roosavelt DaCosta

7. Cool Roofs. Can they be Economical? – Mr. Max Gordon, Gormann Corp

7 – Cool Roofs – Can they be Economical – Jennings Max Gordon

8. The Growing Building, “Out of Many, One People” – Mr. Evan Williams, Design Collaborative International

8 – The Growing Building – Evan Williams

During the workshop, Minister McKenzie out lined the leadership role the ministry of local government has undertaken to design and build a more energy efficient and sustainable female ward at the Manchester Infirmary to be delivered December 2019.

In a speech, addressing the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management’s Earthquake and Tsunami Awareness Campaign 2019 press conference on January 14, 2019, Minster McKenzie reminded Jamaica that, “The Act is critical to the effort to prevent new squatter settlements from being built, promote sustainable development, establish and enforce internationally-accepted building standards and rules for individuals and entities providing construction material and services,”

Now that data collection at the net-zero energy building prototype, name the “Centre for Advance Research in Renewable Energy” and at the National Housing Trust’s Michael Manley headquarters building has started, planning has begone for yet another workshop scheduled for November 2019. This workshop will include a tour of the retrofits executed at the NHT head office.